The country whose wifi coverage makes remote work possible everywhere

With 37% of its border a white sandy beach sea coast, 40%+ forest coverage, combined with 99% high-speed 4G mobile internet coverage and 200+ free wifi hotspots in its capital city, Latvia is a dream for remote work.

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While “mobile first” commonly refers to website development, this country takes it to heart in more ways than one. Most households don’t even have a fixed landline, and fixed internet cables are also steadily being replaced by powerful 4G and in the future – 5G plans. 

Becoming the home of the world’s most active mobile internet users has been encouraged by affordable limitless mobile plans, and has been acknowledged by the Digital Economy and Society Index as nr. 4 in connectivity. 

The result – anyone can create their mobile hotspot with their phones, regardless of where they are, and enjoy the same high-speed internet as if you were in an office. Be that at the beach, in a lakeside cabin, a cafe of your choice, or a forest treehouse. 

Because the country is covered by forests and lakes, working away from the city is not uncommon. Especially during this time of pandemic. Many locals have exchanged towns and cities for a soothing presence of nature as it allows them to carry on with their work duties while maintaining a safe social distance. Even people living in the capital are around half an hour away from a solo meeting with nature. 

Moreover, the remote-everything friendly environment has inspired Latvians to develop innovative solutions that are especially appreciated now when the world is adjusting to remote work as the new normal:

  • SmartMEX – a virtual mobile service platform that liberates company call management by making it accessible outside the landline infrastructure, therefore allowing to maintain the customer service quality on the highest level regardless of workplace location
  • DeskTime – a time tracking solution that is used by 8600 companies worldwide makes working outside the usual office environment less stressful for employees and more manageable for employers. Tracking the work time offers a helpful insight into working habits, productivity rates, and many more. It can be especially useful if there’s an option of adjusting the work schedule according to the individual’s needs and preferences.
  • Cake HR – a fully-featured human resources platform that includes modules such as leave management, submitting and managing company’s expenses, onboarding, interactive reports and many more. The automated HR management tool allows employers to maintain a data-driven approach for a smooth run of HR regardless of employees’ location or working time flexibility that often occurs within the remote work. Besides, CakeHR offers a mobile-friendly version of their product, which means that managing a company’s HR is literally possible on the go.

Be it the relatively low population density, oxygen produced by the country’s forests, or the wireless freedom given by the high speed 4G mobile internet coverage, Latvia is a match made for remote work experience. It was a growing trend there already before the pandemic and has set an environment that now allows the transition towards the new normal to be accomplished with minimal anxiety. 

Being at work while being in the middle of a meadow is not a fairytale. It’s a well-known and commonly welcomed reality of working remotely in Latvia.