Hardware company pivots to provide lifesaving smart thermometers that can read up to 100 patients at a time

The Aranet clinical-grade thermometer was invented to provide precise body temperature readings for many people at the same time as a response to the need for accurate, time-efficient temperature readings for many individuals.

Created by Latvian wireless data transmission equipment manufacturer SAF Tehnika JSC, the Aranet smart thermometers are wireless devices that automatically transmit their readings to a central hub. Up to 100 devices can be simultaneously connected. The thermometers are equipped with a flexible cable and temperature sensor at the end, making it comfortable to be placed in the armpit.

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Used in hospitals and care homes, it provides doctors and nurses with a real-time, accurate overview of patient temperatures. As body thermometers are more effective than laser thermometers, the precision makes it possible to identify even small increases in body temperature, thereby flagging those patients who may benefit from additional medical attention. 

The remote nature also ensures that time does not have to be spent going from patient to patient to read their temperatures, which relieves strain on already overwhelmed medical systems.

SAF Tehnika manufactures various wireless data transmission devices. However with the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the team shifted to consider what else can be made. Initially, the requirement for the thermometers was to regularly test the temperature of their employees, in order to quickly identify early symptoms, and send them to be tested. This was in an effort to maintain production capacity throughout the pandemic. They quickly realized that this technology could be of immense benefit to healthcare professionals, and so the product was made available publicly. 

The low-distance, low-maintenance smart thermometers are currently used in hospitals and care homes around the world, including Italy, France, Canada, Holland, Turkey, and more. They can also be used to keep manufacturing safe and open. 

For more information and to receive a quote for Aranet clinical-grade thermometers, go to aranetmedical.com, or contact medical@aranet.com.