09 Story I 08/20

A welcoming IT sector

With an extra supportive climate for startups and IT businesses, and plenty of job openings for IT workers, Latvia is a relocation destination with considerable appeal.

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08 Story I 08/20

Digitally ready for remote learning

The beginning of the upcoming school year is shrouded in uncertainty in Latvia just as in the rest of the world. But the digital platforms long in place take quite a bit of anxiety out of the equation.

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07 Story I 07/20

Culture goes outdoors

Latvians can make do without a lot of things. But getting our fix of culture is non-negotiable, pandemic or no pandemic. And it goes way beyond taking it online.

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06 Story I 07/20

Remote work dreamland

Working away from the city was pretty common in Latvia even before the new normal. Perhaps that is why some great solutions for remote work have been conceived and produced here.

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05 Story I 07/20

Designing the new normal

The sweeping changes that the pandemic brought didn’t paralyze business in Latvia. Instead companies quickly got creative to adapt to the new conditions.

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04 Story I 07/20

A travel destination for the new normal

Travelling takes an unprecedented level of caution these days. And a bit of luck, too. We are used to thinking that tourism means crowds. But in a country where distancing comes naturally that’s less of a worry. Don’t get that introvert temperament wrong – Latvia is cool, not cold.

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03 Story I 07/20

Adapting existing technologies for new challenges

To help solve a common problem with hospital staff being overworked and at constant risk of infection, SAF Tehnika used their sensors originally produced for industrial greenhouses and supermarkets to create wireless thermometers for remote patient monitoring.

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02 Story I 06/20

Save people, save the environment

Startup Shield48 created ergonomic face shields that can be reused up to 300 times. In 10 days, they supplied all major local hospitals. Now they can produce up to 20 000 face shields a day and deliver to any European country in just 48 hours.

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01 Story I 06/20

A digital approach

COVID-19 didn’t stop us. It pushed us to come up with a plan on how to keep going. And fast! So we did – the government went online with the E-parliament platform, schools functioned through screens with Online TV channel “Your Class”, and after the state of emergency ended, we carefully started to leave the house again, armed with an app to track and fight COVID-19.

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